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Prince Charming only exists in your dreams so be independent

Welcome to 731Ten Media. I’m Sarah Bailey. I’m an affiliate marketer and self-taught social media influencer. I am a full time student and mom. I have worked in nursing 12 years and a mother of two. In my spare time, I do graphic design and work on websites for individuals needing assistance with their personal business websites. I do 5 year business plans for individuals and small businesses as well while placing advertisements on my website for other small businesses looking to promote their small or large investments.

I decided to go independent as my own boss due to the fact that I love being able to set my own hours and income level. I have studied nearly every platform that there is and took hand written personal notes on each individual site. I have looked into almost every affiliate network program that offers a 50 to 100% commission rate while stumbling across many more affiliate programs along my journey. I am a self-taught social media influencer and studied every moment of the past 2 years trying to find my own path through the world of the online web.

I sincerely encourage anyone who is wanting to become their own boss or just be a more successful entrepreneur to continue to use the resources around to make life more manageable and find positive mentors to follow through their journey. Thank you for checking out 731Ten Media. Please enjoy viewing my site and follow me. Have a blessed day!

Sarah Bailey

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