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Work From Home Apps For Android & iPhone

Your phone is a very important essential in order to work from home. From video-conferencing and communication, to excercising, relaxation, and fetching the groceries these apps can help with every aspect of your life for you to be able to accomodate working from home. Below are some apps recommended for anyone working from home:

Video Conferencing Apps:


An app that allows you to do meetings and group calls without needing to go to the office just to meet your colleagues. Zoom also allows you to host meetings for up to 40 minutes online with up to nearly 500 participants for free. If you want to start with an app that your more familiar with then try Skype (works on iphone and android). Skype allows you to accept and make phone calls from your phone.

Team Communication Apps:


Specialized team communication application available for all platforms and they have been tested by remote workers for many years. Slack is recommended for users starting out (for both iPhone and Android). While working from home for eight plus hours a day, you can’t just rely on video calls and emails for communication techniques. The WhatsApp group chat is a useful tool but you will need a much better app than this one. If your company pays Microsoft for a subscription, you should try Microsoft Teams (works on iPhone and Android). The features are very similar to Slacks. Set up multiple channels and notifications, send personal messages, attach documents, and even more.

Group Video Calling Apps:


If all your family and friends have the iPhone, then there is nothing quite like Facetime. You are allowed to add 32 people, use Animojis or fun effects during Facetime calls. This is one of biggest calling app platforms for video-chatting. Houseparty is for those of you that have the android devices (found on iPhone as well). This app allows you to pick social hours with friends and family, pick time for lunch or dinner, at which you all can gather at the same time and chat. The alternatives to this app are Skype or Google Hangouts.

News Apps:

The New York Times:

Choose your choice of national news and download its app (you can disable notifications if you want). If your local news source has an app then you should consider downloading it instead of The New York Times. If not, use an RSS reader and add its website to your favorite RSS app. This will help you check important local news quickly without getting lost in your Twitter feed. Other apps that you can use for the news are Google News and Reuters News (for iPhone and android both).

Workout Apps:

Nike Training Club:

This is an app you should consider starting out with (for iPhone and android). This app is free and has more than 190 workouts available for download, so your bound to find something interesting. Another good app is the Fitbit Coach app (for iPhone and android). It offers personalized video workouts based on your fitness level. This can be unlocked for $7 month. If video workouts are not interesting to you, try Aaptiv (found iPhone and android).

Meditation Apps:

Being home all day can be very stressful, even surrounded by family. You could use this time to build a meditation routine or use it to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Some meditations only take up to 10 mins a day. Get started by checking out these two apps: Headspace, Calm, and Smiling Mind apps on your smartphone. Headspace offers free courses from time to time. Calm offers relaxing music, sleep casts, and a variety of guided meditation packs. Try mindful meditation for free via the Smiling Mind (found on iPhone and android). Its recommended for its Mindfulness Foundation Course. It’s a way for beginners to learn about mindfulness – just follow along with the program.

Relaxing Music Apps:

Relax Melodies App:

This app is for iPhone and android phones for users needing some downtime. If you need help sleeping sleeping, then you can try an app that helps you relax with musical melodies to sooth your mind and body. This app is one of the most popular. It has a huge collection of nature, autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), water sounds, white noise and meditation music. Just need some relaxing music then this is for you. White Noise+ for iPhones, is a highly customizable ambient sound app. You can mix and match multiple white noises, like wind, rain, or a river, to create the perfect background noise for your liking.

Grocery Delivery Apps:


North American’s best option is this app here. It’s available in all major cities throughout the U.S. and supports more than 20,000 retailers. You can order groceries, produce, beer, wine, and many other household items. You will pay online and your groceries are delivered in about an hour. The local grocery stores may use another app so you may want to check them out and see what app that they use first. If you do not want to go grocery shopping, its best to order your groceries and have them delivered to your front door.

Cooking Apps:


All-in-one cooking app has more than 2 million recipes with step-by-step instructions and even a shopping list feature. You can search explore things to buy, then make the dish. The app has a simple user interface with both photos and text instructions. With Kitchen Stories (for iPhone and android), you can become part of a cooking community. You can browse thousands of recipes uploaded by others on the app or share your own. Watch recipe videos in HD and enjoy a gorgeous site to look at. If you enjoy the Food Network, you will enjoy the Food Network Kitchen app. It brings all your favorite celebrity chefs and their videos together in one place.


If you enjoy working from home, you should definitely consider looking into these apps and others that will improve your productivity. Have fun testing these apps listed here in this article and discovering more of your own.


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