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How To Learn To Write Email Subject Lines

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The first thing that an email subject line should do is avoid spam blockers, and that involves avoiding words that will guarantee filtering. Some of the offenders are these:

  • Free
  • Buy Now
  • Cash
  • 50% off
  • Click here
  • Call now!
  • Subscribe
  • Earn cash
  • Discount
  • Eliminate Debt
  • Double your income
  • You’re a winner
  • Amazing
  • Opportunity
  • Credit
  • Search engine listing

*These words are just a small portion of the words that you should avoid to keep from being filtered. You can find more words that could possibly be filtered by Googling “words blocked by email spam blockers”.

Using all capitol letters can also trigger the email spam filter along with short subject lines. Not only are longer subject headlines less likely to hit the spam filter settings, but they have much better open rates. As a general rule of thumb, 50 characters is a perfect length for your subject headline.

Additionally, emails get opened more often when the subject heading gives a good indication of the content. Most of the time it’s best to leave your readers in no doubt as to how the email will benefit them.

Make It Personal

It’s very hard to ignore emails that are addressed to personally, even when you realize it’s a marketing tactic. We highly recommend putting the first name tag from Aweber into your subject headings every now and then. Don’t go overboard, but personalizing two-thirds of the emails you send is a sound strategy.

Use A Number

People love a subject line that has a number in it. Whatever the reason, most people can’t help but find this appealing.

Ask A Question

You are able to mix your ‘number’ subject lines up with another type of winning heading: the question. Asking a question gives people a pause for thought and is another way to get them to open the emails.

Use Punchy Phrases

People are more likely to read the emails that sound like they are going to be exciting. How do you make an email sound exciting? You should use catchy phrases. Some to try are:

  • “high octane”
  • “cutting edge”
  • “essential secrets”
  • “powerful tips”

The good news is that you do not need to come up with these words yourself. If interested use this book, “Words that Sell”, which is a book for all copywriting, especially catchy subject lines.


Email subject lines that are likely to get you filtered into spam include:

  • Those containing certain keywords
  • Subject lines with all capitals
  • Really short subject lines

Subject lines that are likely to get your emails opened are:

  • Descriptive subject lines; 50 characters is the recommended length
  • Personally addressed subject lines
  • Subject lines that contain a number or a question
  • Subject lines that contain “punchy phrases”
  • Emails that cause a sense of urgency or involve time.

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