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Promote Your Blog Post For Free

Promoting your blog on different platforms and explanations of them.
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Now days, writing is the easiest part of running your blog while the hardest part has become the promotional work after the writing. In order to ensure people see your content, this is a must do part of the blogging process. Below are different promotional platforms where you can post your blog for it to be seen.

  1. Pinterest – place to promote and share your blog and like other pins posted by those you follow. Average image size that I have found is around 735p x 1100p. However, it depends on what platform you are using for graphics but always consider looking to the user guide for Pinterest. Work on joining group boards as well. If you are unsure of where to go, here is a group on Facebook that I use myself that may possibly help you:
  2. Twitter – this is definitely a platform that you MUST share on. In case you do not know this, the average age of a post only lasts minutes. So you want to re-post as often as possible but do not spam people while trying to do this either. Always look for Twitter Chats that you can join. These chats will allow you to promote your blog most of the time. You NEED to use Twitter hashtags. These hashtags will get your posts seen by the right people. Click to Tweet isn’t something you can do to actively promote your posts, but it may encourage more shares of your content if you use it. If you write out the text of a tweet – perhaps a quote from your post – and include a bit of the code within your blog post your readers can then click a button and have your pre-written tweet then sent out automatically. You can go too: to create the code.
  3. Your Blogs Facebook Page – Use your page to share your content. Make a Facebook Group for your blog as well. This is  a great way to connect with your readers. Your group members will receive a notification whenever you post, which theoretically means everything you post won’t get lost in Facebook-land. Create a Facebook Live video in your group. This is a great way of letting your group members know when you have a new post, talking about the post a little more in-depth, or even answering questions about the post. Your personal Facebook page should always have some of your blog content on it. Why? Because those who know you best generally want to comment and participate. Facebook sharing groups are a great way to promote your blog for free. You can ask for readers to promote your post by sharing, pinning, and retweeting. Some great groups are:
  4. YouTube – You could use YouTube to go more in-depth about the topic in your post and then leave a link to your post in the comments. A great channel to follow is the  Oh, She Blogs! YouTube channel!
  5. LinkedIn – this is not the best platform for all bloggers. However, if you have a business blog then yes it is for you. It’s a great way for different businesses to collaborate with you and give you advice and even offer to work with you so you can grow and be more successful.
  6. Reddit – This platform is another platform that is very diverse in what it wants and asks for. I will not say for sure that this platform is the spot to post every day content from your blog but it is a great spot to ask questions and find out what type of content people want to see and hear about. You can post a new blog post once a week on this board:
  7. Tumblr – A very unique blogging community where people love to share the stuff written by other people. You could build up a community there by posting some of your content or supplementary content and then linking back to your blog posts.
  8. Add Blog URL To Instagram Profile –  Instagram allows you to use one clickable link in your profile. Use this space to direct people back to your blog. Don’t keep that space blank! Check out Oh, She Blogs! on Instagram while you’re setting up your link!
  9. Instagram images – are used by Fashion bloggers to send people to their blog by clicking the link image. They do this regularly by posting a photo of what they’re wearing and use a direct link to send the user back to their blog for more information. Try to think of creative ways that you can harness the power of Instagram to send people back to your blog.
  10. Claim Your Blog On Bloglovin’ – Anyone can add your RSS feed, be sure to claim your site so that you can get access to analytics and such.
  11. Make RSS Feed Available – There are tons of other RSS aggregators out there so be sure to make an RSS feed available so that people can stay up-to-date with your posts.
  12. Stumbleupon – A great site for sending traffic your way and it’s a great way to promote your blog post for free, although what you’ll get from StumbleUpon is typically not high-quality traffic that will keep returning. They frown upon you only submitting your own links, so to get the most out of this site you will want to make sure you are sharing content that’s not yours as well. Regularly visit the site to Stumble and give a “thumbs up” to posts that you enjoy.
  13. Your Email Signature – Use your email signature to promote your latest blog post. Wisestamp works seamlessly with Gmail. 


There are so many different ways that you can promote your blog posts but these are a few that I hope can help you begin to discover ways on your own to bring in traffic to your website organically. Remember, paid traffic is never good traffic. Paid traffic can be misleading and definitely not the quality of traffic that you want for your site if you plan on being successful.


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