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Productivity and Ways To Improve It

Productivity and the way you can improve it
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When working from home it is always hard to stay on task because home is also your new work space. You have to learn how to separate the two. So, you need some tools to help make that possible for you. Below is a list that will help guide you through.

  1. Use a block schedule – break your day down into chunks that are dedicated to individual clients and projects. You can schedule these in your Google Calendar or in iCal, which ever tool you find more useful.
  2. Manage your time like a boss with free printable worksheets – They will help you with your block schedule set-up.
    • Here is how you use the worksheets:
    • First, you put your to-do-list on the paper. Then you separate them into three categories: Very Important, Important, Get It Done. Then categorize them into daily, weekly, or monthly categories. Once you move your Very Important tasks were they should be then continue on until you finish with your Get It Done tasks.
    • Finally, use your calendar worksheets to put block scheduling together based on importance and frequency of your tasks.
  3. Most Tasks Todoists App – You can sync this app with your calendar and share them with your clients or team members.
  4. Schedule Your Breaks – Always schedule one 10 or 15-minute break but definitely a 30 minute break. Make sure to take breaks away from your desk as well. Regardless of what you do from home always take time to step away from the desk.
  5. Use The Forest App To Prevent Mindless Scrolling – Set a timer in order to know how long you want to focus on a particular task. This will allow you to know exactly how long to stay steady at the task and when to take a break.
  6. Keep Healthy Food Choices Around and Water – This allows a person to have the proper nutrition around for the brain to function properly along with their body.
  7. Diffuse Some Essential Oils To Help With Focus – These will help with focus and energy through out the day
  8. Use The Fabulous App To Build Better Lifestyle Habits – Build custom journeys and challenges
  9. Keep A Tidy and Organized Desk – Being well organized is not only good for appearance but it’s also healthy for the mind. The mind functions so much better when a room is clean and up to par.


Without a proper plan in place, you risk doing a lot more work than you will living the stay at home dream you thought you would have. At times, regardless of the options at hand you must say “no” in order to be successful and productive.


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