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Optimizing Your Social Media Posts For Search Engines

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Social media networks start off as a place for people to keep connected online, to easily talk, share news, discuss events and everything else that falls in-between that. These particular types of platforms are a multi-billion dollar industry of their own. Nearly half of the world’s population use at least one social media network that they use once a day.

Social media should never be disregarded by marketers, especially when trying to improve your rankings in search engines. Google pays a decent amount to pay attention to your social presence and posts, just like any other content.

Start With The Basics:

  • anything you can post on social media (article link, pictures, videos, etc) which is essentially part of your content. Need to be high quality content i order to be placed on social media websites. This is the first and most important thing that you should keep in mind. Use semantic markup in order to make your posts crystal clear for search engines. Semantic markup is the name for putting an HTML tag on your content that tells search engines exactly what your article is about.
  • use clear catchy description and mix in a few keywords here and there. Example: If your post is about making pancakes and includes pancake image, you can use something like “Ever Wondered How To Make The Most Delicious Pancakes At Home In Just An Hour?” and can make sure you pay attention to the image’s alt-text, which should read something like “the most delicious pancake recipe:.
  • important to know that people don’t only use the default “alt” results page of Google. They utilize the use of videos, images, news and the rest of the categories. If your post is found easily then it begins receiving likes, then shares as well you have a considerable amount of love and respect fro your bloggers and search engines too.
  • do not forget to monitor your efforts to have a clear idea on how to deal with your endeavors. Not every description you come up with will be good and you need to know whether or not you need to further assist in his posts.

Build Network With External Inbound Links:

Social media is a way to build up external links to your content or website. The more external links you have the more authority your website will gain in search engines. In order for this to happen you with have to start with point N1. The N1 is the way of having great quality content. Share your relevant copies of social media posts in discussions if you know that it will provide value to the user. This will help you become an authority figure on social media. It will maximize the chances of gaining external links through social shares. Which is your primary goal.

Social Media Profiles Are Part Of Search Results:

If you go to Google search and look up “Victoria Secret” you will get that specific website automatically as the very first result. Do you know what is below this top result? It will be the social sites they use. This should tell you how important that social media is for a business. Quality and consistency on social media has given them their presence around the world. Do you realize that this could be you as well?

Social media can be just as good for gathering information about a brand as Google. Users want to know more about brands so they are likely to click on a social media profile in the search result as the official site. At times, I bet many consumers even over look Google and go straight to social media for more brand information.

Social Media Channels = search engines:

What is the number one search channel in the world? If you said Google, then you guessed right. Google has nearly 70% market share. So obviously the second platform for search will be YouTube. YouTube is just video based instead of content through text.

The point of understanding this, is that social media presence and engagement has a strong correlation to your search results. The more fans, followers, likes, re-tweets your brand has the more love you will receive from search engines. Another advantage of being active on social media in terms of SEO is speeding up the process of getting your content indexed.

When you publish a new piece of content it doesn’t immediately appear in search engines. It has to get indexed first by bots. While bots crawl your site constantly, it still takes time. If your fresh piece of content is retweeted a high number of times on Twitter, it can cut the time needed to index that specific page by as much as 50%, since Google and Twitter have made a deal about it.


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