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Ways To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs and How To Add Social Media Management To Your Business

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Becoming a Virtual Assistant isn’t just any job. You will be working with clients which means you own your own business. When owning your own business you are responsible for finding your own clients. Below are several ways to find clientele.

  1. Virtual Assistant Forums: should be your very first stopping point you come too. Sign up for free Virtual Assistant forums and submit your website
  2. Hire My Mom: helps stay at home moms go to work. They do have a yearly membership fee of $99
  3. EaHelp: staffing firm for virtual assistants. They search for high quality executive Virtual Assistants and place them to work either in the United States or globally
  4. Zirtual: solely work with US Virtual Assistants
  5. LinkedIn: do an advanced search for virtual assistant jobs. Completely finish your profile. Read blog postings on how to find clients in LinkedIn
  6. Virtual Assistantville: premium assistant directory. You don’t need your site to be listed directly. This site helps potential clients find you.
  7. Twitter: read blog postings on how to find clientele on this platform

How To Add Social Media Management To Your Business

Why offer Social Media Management services to your business? You should add this to your business because business owners who are to busy to do social media will pay for this type of service. This service is also time consuming for anyone doing it. Did you know that when adding this service it is best to charge one flat fee per month? This is the best way to charge your clients so that everyone stays on the same page and no one gets off track.

Example: $250 Monthly Social Media Package Includes: 3 Twitter, 8 Facebook, and 8 LinkedIn posts per month. If you use Buffer or Hootsuite then you will only spend one to two hours a month on this package. Leaving yourself room to find other clients and make more money.

Find Clients and Make Money

If you add up what you make off four clients a month comes up too $1k and you spent four hours working total. The more posts you make for someone the more the price goes up. Some Virtual Assistants charge up to $1,200k per month.

How To Manage Social Media Accounts

A few online tools allowing you to schedule posts in advance. These offer a free plan. Here are the tools that you may want to try out for yourself:

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Meet Edgar
  • Post Planner
  • Socedo
  • Sprout Social

In addition to posting on social media, you need to engage with followers, post interesting topics, create graphic images to post and help grow your clients following. Just remember the more you offer the more the price climbs. Start out offering this service and it will set you apart from any other Virtual Assistant. Since there are so many networks, business owners don’t have time for this. You can also offer specific hours for businesses wanting to have some work done.

How To Start A Pinterest Management Agency

If you are a Pinterest manager then why not start your own agency? If you are serious about doing Pinterest management full-time, you should have multiple clients monthly. The disadvantage to this is that it can be very overwhelming. It’s impossible to do it all in your business. If you want to scale your revenue, you need to outsource help. Outsourcing frees up your time.

Create Your Pinterest Agency and Pricing

The solution to this is outsource income for your Pinterest work. You can hire up to three people to help you. Great thing is most of the work is done on a platform called Tailwind. Tailwind is a scheduling platform for social media posts. Make sure that your prices are high enough that you make a profit. You pay the freelancer a portion of what you charge your client monthly. Just don’t charge to low of a flat fee for your Pinterest Management. You should consider working with at least three clients before you outsource work.


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