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Landing Page Creation

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Help grow your audience and promote products and services through a landing page. They are easy to share on your website or in other campaigns. Edit, unpublish, or delete landing pages at any time you feel necessary. Things you must know before beginning:

  • must be associated with audience in your account or connected store
  • edit, unpublish, and republish at any time, but URL and associated audience or store can’t be edited after publish
  • doesn’t prevent you from publishing if you left default content in your layout
  • iframes and custom HTML can’t be used in landing pages. Merge tags pull individual contact data from your audience, they can’t be used in public landing pages

Create Your Landing Page

First, choose the type of landing page you want to create, then you’ll design your content and configure the page settings.

  1. Start your landing page
  2. Name your landing page – this is for your reference only and will not be visible
  3. Select your audience
  4. Begin
  5. Select a template
  6. Customize the content for your landing page
  7. Click preview
  8. Save and close

Adding Page Title and URL

Page Title:

  1. Add page title
  2. Add page title your contacts will see in their browser’s title bar and click save


Users can edit their landing page URLs. The paid user can also add a verified email domain to the URL. In order to use your own domain on a landing page, you’ll first need to verify a subdomain.

  1. Add URL
  2. Use your own domain
    • choose the subdomain you want
    • in the field type new URL
      • Use email sender domain
      • click the verified email domain you want to use
      • in the field type new URL
  3. Click save when done

Settings and Tracking

In your Settings & Tracking section you can add Track with almost anything that you want such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, etc. You service provider will let you know as well if the reCAPTCHA is enabled.

Depending on what laws are applicable to your business, you may be required to notify your page visitors about tracking and allow them to opt out. I recommend you add a notification bar that includes an opt-out link. In order to edit the tracking options for your landing page, follow these steps.

  1. Settings & Tracking section and click Edit
  2. Accept to confirm you agree to our additional terms
  3. Check the boxes next to the tracking options you want to enable
    • turn on Track with Facebook Pixel, you might need to enter additional information depending on your ad type
  4. Save

Now as soon as you publish, we’ll start gathering data as people visit and interact with your page.

Publish Your Landing Page

Once you publish, your page will be live on the web but unindexed so no one will see it until you share the link. Your email provider will report data as people visit your page and sign up for your marketing or make purchases.

After You Publish:

It’s time to now start driving traffic to your landing page so you can start seeing results. Here are a couple things that you can do.

  • Promote you page – promote and share your page with your contacts through other campaigns you create

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