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Interested In A Work From Home Position Or How About Doing Simple Tasks For People?

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Here is a list of numerous positions that people are highered for daily. Many people choose to work from home remotely while others prefer to be traditional and work in an office. Which ever way you choose, neither are wrong as long as you are satisfied with the money you make.

Here is a list of work from home jobs and job gigs that are available to you:

  1. – wfh administration tasks, schedule appointments, place calls, price checking products and services, finding hotels, doing data entry, or performing internet research
  2. Task Rabbit – now in 39 metro areas across the United States. Signup and become a Tasker. Bid on local jobs you’re willing to do
  3. Zaarly – match skills with local needs. These gigs are set to work with small businesses
  4. CrowdFlower – focuses on data. Offers micro-tasks to complete. Complete tasks in a few minutes of your day
  5. Spare5 for developers and businesses. Complete simple tasks that require human help. Tasks include tagging photos with keywords
  6. Humantic – review phone calls. Listen to calls and answer questions about the call
  7. Fiverr – performed for low rates. Each task costing $5. Now priced from $5 to $995. These are called Gig Packages
  8. Mystery Shopper – search the Mystery Shoppers Association Job Database
  9. Blog – very few do this to make a living. Ad networks such as Blogher and Clicksor will pay you for each customer sent to them from your site
  10. Creative Freelancer – design, audio production and writing. 99designs allows you to pitch ideas to prospective clients
  11. Website Testers – earn $25 or more for 30 minutes of your time – Validately
  12. Telephone Mystery Shoppers – paid to find prices with bi-weekly pay – Intellcheck
  13. Good Starters – help people stay on their medication and you can earn up to $14/hr. – Vox Media and Pleio
  14. Work From Home Customer Service Reps – hiring from all states except ones listed on the site
  15. Social Media Moderator (Remote Content Specialist) – part time gig may be fit – ICUC


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