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What Stops People From Skipping Advertisements?

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The “skip” button is a tool for measuring advertising engagement. Unpressed means you truly captured the audiences attention. But how do you ensure that this method will work? If you want to make your advertisements work and grab that attention you should:

  • Make it personal – online videos offer opportunity to personalize at scale, allowing brands to connect with people by serving ads next to valued content.
  • Full – Speed Telling – viewers move on after 5 seconds, it’s important to gab their attention from get-go. That will start the script stage.
  • Content Feels Real – high production quality might have been gold standard in the past, but online, much of the content people value most has a raw, authentic feel. The most successful ads of the mirror that approach.

Published by Sarah

Hello! I'm a self-employed entrepreneur. I enjoy affiliate marketing and photography in my spare time. I am currently in college for communications in social media and working towards my undergraduate degree in graphic design.

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