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Things You Can Do As A Virtual Assistant

  1. Email Management – online management owners, checking and responding to email in a timely, efficient manner is key to customer satisfaction. Ways to manage emails in Gmail and outlook, 2 of most popular email programs.
  2. Answer Phone Calls – you don’t want to give out your home or cell phone number to clients so consider setting up a viral phone number like Google Voice.
  3. Calendar Management – offering calendar management, you’ll need access to their existing calendar, if they have one. Determine preferences for meeting times – morning or afternoon. Make sure to add calendar widget to your smartphone so you won’t have to be glued to your computer all day
  4. Book Apps With Clients – use Google voice on clients behalf to make apps
  5. Email Follow Up – opportunity to promote other products or services and you can also ask for feedback on the purchased product. Get script and start emailing.
  6. Transcription – many companies are willing to hire transcriptions with little or no experience so if transcription is on your radar, this can help you get started. You will need transcription software, foot pedal, and headset to get started.
  7. Setting Up Email Auto-response – marketers will tell you it’s the sweet spot of their business but it is the most neglected part as well. Set up welcome message and freebie opt-in for subscribers in email marketing software, Convert Kit, Aweber, Mailchimp, or Constant Contact.
  8. File Management – movie files to Google Drive
  9. Research Topic For Blog Posts and Newsletters – staying visual is important for bloggers but it takes time away from content creation.
  10. Travel Arrangements – keep up with birthdays and anniversaries
  11. Create Sales Reports in Excel – turn client’s sales figures into a report
  12. Preparing Slideshow In PowerPoint – saves you valuable time
  13. Set Up Social Media Accounts – online presence is important but setting up the online accounts takes time
  14. Publish Blog Posts – take contact written your clients and presents it to the world by uploading it to the blog platform. Most popular platforms are up and squarespace – tutorials are below to show how to publish new content.
  15. Reply To Blog Posts – make sure you comment more than great post. Resource may help you tell audience why post is helpful. How to moderate comments in WP and how to moderate comments in squarespace
  16. Comments On Other Blogs – way to promote your blog
  17. Answer Support Tickets – ZenDesk manages customer support
  18. Comment On Other Blogs – if you do this, it will give site owner ability to move on to other important tasks
  19. Place Recruitment Ads 4 New Team Members – place ads for ads for new members

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