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Guide To Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Consumers are actually looking to do business with you on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and beyond these social sites. Did you know that reputation management is business-critical more than ever? Did you know that customers, potential customers, and stakeholders discuss your business in virtually many different places?

Online reputation management is simply actively monitoring, managing, and engaging with the public perception of your brand online. So, due to the fact, freedom of speech is so quick to give positive and negative views among consumers you are forced to be in less control in this aspect. However, with the consumer being able to reach so many you are allowed to do the same. ORM is taking advantage of this. It includes proactive and reactive measures and both talking and listening, pending circumstances of your brand.

Tools For Managing Online Reputation

  • Birdeye
  • Podium
  • Trustpilot
  • Yext
  • Reviewtrackers
  • Broadly Reviews

**You should learn each of these different tools

Why Is It Important Today

Your content makes up a portion of your digital footprint. Marketing activities like blogging, paid ads, and online PR surely improve the overall picture but they are just part of it. This is why ORM is crucial. Always make sure your focusing your content in right ways by measuring the content and not placing them wrong. The different types of ORM will depend on your business. It has the ability to impact sales, customer satisfaction, brand perception, and more.

9 Reasons To Manage Online Reputation

  1. Acquire new customers and clients; online press, reviews, forums, and social media conversations all impact your brand reach and images
  2. Provide stellar custom support; you want to fix reviews that are negative and respond to those first thing
  3. Retail loyal and satisfied customers; complement and thank them as much as possible
  4. Prevent a brand social media crisis; be first to find negative reviews. Having social media sentiment analysis can help prevent disaster
  5. Build relationship with publishers and influencers; by engaging with these people you create a positive relationship
  6. Winning customers from competitors; successful when done right
  7. Make money by taking a viral stand
  8. Lashing out makes you look guilty
  9. Don’t go dark in crisis; worst response is a no response

Software That Can Monitor ORM

  1. Social Media Listing – core component of ORM
  2. Review Management – important part of WOM success
  3. SEO – social profiles are your best opportunity
  4. Social Media Advocacy – employee and employer
  5. Public Relations Platform – good way to get positive stories

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