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Earn Money Or Build Authority With Blog

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Blogging offers amazing opportunities if you take the right steps to build your authority and earn income from your blog. With effort and time, your blog can grow quickly into a generating income and position you so you can be an authority in your space.

12 Ways You Can Turn A Profit With Your Blog:

  1. Use Your Blog To Position Yourself As An Expert In Any Field
    • Facebook messenger marketing and messenger chatbots are on the rise and the marketing possibilities are endless. If your a digital marketer or consultant to people is social media marketing, then you should create a blog about using the chatbots for business. Your topic could be about why chatbots are great for a business, set up, capture leads, lower cost, etc. Over time you will build authority as a chatbot expert. If you could drive the traffic you can really earn money from your blog fast.
  2. Add Google Adsense
    • Add script from Adsense to display ads on your blog. Visitors will click on ads, you will earn money from them clicking on the ad.
  3. Native Ads
    • Seek to solve that by making ads blend in with media being viewed
  4. Offer Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities
    • As you grow and add sponsored blog opportunities people will pay you to be featured. A company will pay you to talk about products as well. Reach out to companies with one page media kit to pitch your blog. Show traffic statistics, social media following and demographics for proof of your reach with your audience.
  5. Incorporate Video Ads
    • Video ads can do more for you than you know. Create short videos showing product ad or use the company ad.
  6. Sell Ad Space In Newsletter Associated With Your Blog
    • Make extra income selling space on your blog for ads. Google if you have a sizable mailing list.
  7. Build Blogs and Flip Them
    • If you can attract sizable audience from blogging then sell the blog at premium price.
  8. Incorporate Affiliate Marketing
    • Add these links in a way that will help you monetize your blog. An advertiser can pay you commission for each sale through the links. You can use links in banner ads and native ads.
  9. Use As Coaching Platform
    • Offer coaching services once you have become an expert on your niche. As a coach you can offer guidance, advice, accountability in learning skills or reaching a goal.
  10. Offer Sponsored Content
    • Best if you have a large social media following and focus on visual content
  11. Branch Out To E-books and Online Courses
    • You can go in depth for audience and offer exclusive materials. People will pay a premium for these services.
  12. Sell Blog Ads Directly
    • Sell ad space on your site for companies. They will pay for your services.

Published by Sarah

Hello! I'm a self-employed entrepreneur. I enjoy affiliate marketing and photography in my spare time. I am currently in college for communications in social media and working towards my undergraduate degree in graphic design.

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