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Pinterest For Business

Understand Pinterest Terms

  • Buyable Pins – users can buy products within Pinterest
  • Rich Pins – lets you add additional information to your pins with meta-tags
  • Promoted Pins – promoted as ads to increase reach and traffic
  • Save Button – red save button adds pins to your boards
  • Group Boards – owner can add collaborative board for others to add pins
  • Lens – new pin suggestion based on pictures taken from camera

Create Pinterest Account

Benefits of business account are that you can create ads and promote pins. You can also use Pinterest analytics to see your progress.

Claim Website

This serves three purposes:

  • shows company logo on pins from your site
  • gives information on how pins from your site are working
  • gain higher reach with business account

You should add HTML tag to your site and then you are set.

Add Pinterest Save Button To Website

Adding this button allows the saving of your content by 5 times. The button makes it easier on your audience as well. You can add the button to your site from Pinterest Widget Builder. It will give you three types of ways to add the button.

  • to all images
  • specific images
  • hovering images

You should also add the follow button from Pinterest Widget Builder. This button allows users to follow you without having to leave your website.

Validate Rich Pins

This is extra information on pins that make them more explanatory and meaningful. There are four types of these pins.

  • product pins – for retailers or e-commerce sites, include real time pricing, where to buy and availability of the product
  • article pins – for bloggers, they show title, story and author
  • recipe pins – for chefs and restaurants, highlight dishes and they include serving size, ingredients and cooking time
  • app pins – only available on iOS

Make Profile SEO Ready

Making your profile SEO ready will give you more traffic. Here are a few tips to make it SEO ready:

  • optimize profile, boards and pins
  • avoid multiple hashtags
  • add text overlay on images

Schedule Pins To Maintain Consistency

The first 5 you post during the day are the ones that Pinterest will use to pay most attention too. This site works just like a search engine so consistency is key when posting or repinning. Make sure to use Buffer or Hootsuite to stay consistent in posting your work or other pins from people you follow.

Add Images People Love

Looks matter when adding pins to your profile. The verticle images work best on this platform and color matters when designing a pin. Make sure to always add your website link to the pin as well.

Pinterest Ads

This is something that you should wisely use. You can only make ads with the business account. This is only available to those is Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the US. Advertisers see up to a 20% increase in organic clicks after launching their campaign.

Analyze Pinterest Analytics

This helps you learn what pins and boards perform best for you. It also shows you demographics your viewers are in.

Create Collaborative Board

This is slightly different than Facebook groups. The benefits of Pinterest boards are that they increase exposure of the Pinterest profile and grow your following. They also increases engagement to get repins.

Follow Pinterest Trends

Keep updated with the latest social trends. If you follow Pinterest trends your content will become more popular and increase repin. Post about topics people love. Try this type of content to get exposure.

  • Create pins around festivals, days of the week, or seasons
  • example: Saturday you could pin about weekend ideas or brunch topics and Monday could be motivational information or quotes

Don’t Forget To Repin

Try out Buyable Pins. They allow in-stream purchasing and keep customers from leaving your Pinterest profile. They also come with a buy button on the top. However, these pins are only available to Shopify, BigCommerse and Salesforce merchants.

Add Sections To Your Boards

This makes your profile look more organized. People love Pinterest for this reason.

Promote With Cinematic Pins

These are really fun pins to use. They continue playing as users scroll. When the user stops the pin stops playing as well.

Use Hashtags

Unlike other hashtags you can not use them like other social media sites. Pinterest only allows 20 tags per post. There are only 300 characters per description so best to use 4-6 tags. Pinterest only displays 4 in the feed.

Use Smart Pinterest Tools

Using these two tools it will help you do bulk uploading, automatic optimization, and see deep analytics. They will also help you sync Facebook and Pinterest together. These two tools are Tailwind and Pinvolve.


As you see Pinterest is a completely different type of social media account that will help your business in so many different ways. Make sure to follow these guidelines if you want your traffic to increase. Remember content and images make your audiences larger so focus on keeping your pin posting consistent. Good luck pinning!


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