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Skills Needed To Be A Virtual Assistant

There are so many skills that you can pick up online. Learning these skills can make you a sought after virtual assistant. Pinterest has become an increasingly popular marketing platform for almost all site owners over the past several years. Pinners who do right can expect traffic long term with no effort.

Pinterest Basics and Best Practices

First thing you want to learn is the best practices of this platform. They make their preferences known publicly and very plain. Get your client set up with a business plan account right away.

  • Pin at right time
  • Use several images
  • Be active
  • Incorporate seasonal trends
  • Share pins outside the platform
  • Optimize boards Optimize your site
  • Grow your following

Create Compelling Pins

Canva is a must use tool for many Pinterest marketers. They offer add-on tools that help you take your brand imaging to next level.

  • Font combinations – after choosing first font they pick others out for you
  • Photo editor – tweak photographs in many ways by re-sizing and tinting, and then use your newly adjusted photographs to engage your audience.
  • Color palette – use standalone color palette tool you can use to upgrade the colors in your brand’s image. Upload your image, choose a specific color with your photograph, and anva automatically offers you a selection of related colors to use in your visual marketing graphics.

Write Compelling Descriptions

Pinterest is a search platform where people discover new things. Keyword and search terms into your pics can increase client results.

How To Schedule Pins

Scheduling in advance increases ability to make money you need to schedule months in advance to gain new clientele. Tailwind is preferred over any scheduler. It’s also an approved IG partner.

Pinterest Management

The virtual assistant making the most money are those providing an all-encompassing package that includes not only sharing of posts but strategy, profile optimization, ads and more.

Offerings As Pinterest Manager

  • Creating or switching over to Pinterest business account
  • Optimization of boards and profile
  • Account audits
  • Growing followers
  • Rich pins
  • Scheduling for consistency
  • Brand design
  • Run promoted pin campaigns


Be able to provide results at any given time. Pinterest does not give enough information out on their analytics platform. Therefore, you are encouraged to look to Google for you information through Google Analytics. To give this information make sure to ask yourself:

  • How did the promoted pins perform?
  • What pins are driving traffic and why?
  • How can you duplicate this or optimize the results?

Market Yourself

The biggest issue in marketing new products or services is the fact that everyone is afraid of rejection. Make sure you own your own Pinterest profile to showcase your skills. Learn how to pitch. You can use Facebook groups in order to do freelance work. Be proactive. Pinterest helps you get results fast.


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