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“Tuff Love Is Strong Love”

Photography of candles lit up on my table
Peace and Rhythm

There is so much inside I don’t know where to begin. I was hurt very young through other’s sins. I never repeated them either, but instead held the pain in. All through life, I committed my own sin. Now they haunt me and hurt me to the point I feel it in my bones. I pray for forgiveness for what I’ve done and those I have hurt. None are alone in the pain. Until my body is turned to ashes and returned to the dirt, I will always be in pain. For many years I have had so much pain. The physical pain I must bare but the mental will always be there in the back of my brain.

Brian Dick

Published by Sarah

Hello! I'm a self-employed entrepreneur. I enjoy affiliate marketing and photography in my spare time. I am currently in college for communications in social media and working towards my undergraduate degree in graphic design.

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