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Interested In Free Animation Software

Plastic Animation Paper

Free Software and the original version of Animation Paper. Great software for beginners of hand drawn animation with tutorials on how to use the software. The tutorials allow users to use 2D animations to allow users to work at their own speeds. The full version of this software costs $79. Features of this software are but not limited too:

  • Basic Drawing Tools
  • Ability To Organize A Workflow With A Setup And Marking Menus
  • Layering
  • How To Do Walk Cycle, Which Includes Timing With Clones, A Light Table And Working With Passes
  • Zooming And Working A Sheet
  • Play scenes in sequence to check continuity
  • Export mp4, mov or frame-stacks as png, svg, etc – including alpha and X-Sheet timing data
  • For Windows PC, Mac OS X and Linux (Android & iPad Pro with Pencil planned)


Free and open-source animation software enables users to produce 2D animation. Thanks to open-source nature, developers can modify this animation software to their needs. This software features:

  • Produce Affected Incident Light
  • Change Picture Styles
  • Create Wavy Distortion
  • Scan 4 Different Types of Images Within The Product: black and white, colored or with or without binarization


Fast and user-friendly 3D software only one user or one project at a time available. Free software. Features of this software are:

  • 2D and 3D animations
  • HDRI Lighting
  • Camera Control
  • Dynamic Texture Mapping To Simulate Real-World Appearance of Landscape
  • Focused Caustics To Ensure Objects Are Properly Lighted


Animation and 3D software. Combines plugins with visualization pipeline architecture to make it powerful and flexible for artists. Free software that features:

  • Advanced undo/redo function
  • Properties that can adjust interactively
  • Node-based visualization pipeline


Free software intended for short videos and presentations. Users can upload their own content or choose from the free content library. Customize existing templates to ensure they fit your work. Offers paid options as well. Some features do include:

  • Standard video resolution
  • Access to some video content library
  • Ability to create videos up to 3min long
  • Export to YouTube, FB, Vimes and more
  • Choice of aspect ratios and sizes


2D software to create traditional hand-drawn scenes. Done using bitmap and vector graphics. Free and open-source animation software. Number of features to make easy. The features of this animation software includes:

  • Lightweight easy design interface
  • Switch from raster and vector files
  • Cross-platform functionality


This is a free open-source software with 3D capabilities, game creation, motion tracking and more. Turn still images to 3D imaging. Automated walk-cycles along a path. This platform includes these few

  • Automated walk-cycles along path
  • Edit for character animation poses
  • Non-linear animation for independent character movements and mirror functionality


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