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Welcoming Brian Dick

April 25, 2019, a good friend of mine Brian Dick, will be writing some of his work on my website. He is a motivational and inspirational person in my life. I am having him join in to give the same inspiration he gave to me, to my readers. I hope that his message will reach someone else in need of a good word or good advice while going through their own journey.

Entrepreneurship is a journey that not to many people can do alone or at all. This man is the reason I kept going. He encouraged me to continue pushing through my pain and my thoughts so I could see the bigger picture and not focus on my weaknesses. So, while I was not focusing anymore on the present and looking to the future, I became another side of myself and it allowed me to see that focusing on my pain and hurt was hindering me from being all that I could be.

I hope that anyone who reads his work over the next week will take his advice and wholeheartedly accept it and use it for the greater good of the people around you. Brian is one of the most hubble men that I have ever known. He listens and understands when life seems to be way too much. However, he never tells you to quit. Instead, he says;

“What would Jesus want for you? I want the same thing for you that he does because I love you just as much as that man above and I would never steer you wrong.”

So, tomorrow when he posts for the very first time online, I hope that every reader will sit and read his blog posting. Brian will be writing from time to time when he is available too. I will post dates up for you guys to see so that you never miss a blog posting of his.

Sarah Bailey


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