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Google Q & A, GMB Reviews, and Google Posts

G2 Crowd Lessons on Google Q & A, GMB Reviews, and Google Posts.

Have you ever wondered why Google done the Q & A, reviews and allowed you to post while in Google My Business? Well, here are some answers behind their idea. The Knowledge Panel is intended to help consumers quickly see relevant information such as business hours, contact information, location, and reviews.

Consumers are allowed to ask and answer questions that they have and others as well. You can write online reviews and post photographs of your business using GMB reviews. Business’ get to post updates and events on the knowledge panel using Google posts. These things are the first to be seen when someone searches your business on the knowledge panel.

Q & A:

Displays crowdsourced questions and answers in the Knowledge panel with business information. Questions and answers can impact your SEO ranking as well. You should pre-populate questions and answers before the public can fill in the information. Compile a list of questions people ask about your business and fill in the answers. Make sure that your team is well aware of this panel in Google that way they participate anytime a question needs to be answered when they appear.


This is a way to turn a negative response into a brand ambassador. Turning negative reviews into positive ones can raise your star rating. For consumers, this is very important. Most consumers do not want to use a company without a 3.5 or above.

Google Posts:

Messages people are allowed to post on the knowledge panel to promote special offers, events, new products, or anything that may grab consumers attention. Pictures and videos that are in a post are archived after one week. If you promote events, then they will be shown on the knowledge panel until the event is over.


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