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Is Your Blog Pinterest Worthy?

Most all Bloggers know that Facebook and Twitter are where your traffic comes from. However, many of your visitors are coming from Pinterest now. Pinterest has become the 4 largest social media outlet. Many authors are using Pinterest to grow and drive traffic to their site. This is not the best idea for all authors.

  1. Pick Relevant Picture:
    • Find picture relevant to your post. The more direct it is, the more it’s relevant. If writing something abstract, such as living simply, find a picture that has same feeling as what you wrote about. You can find photographs on Free and Legal Photos for your blog
  2. Clear Text:
    • Make sure when photograph is pinned that people can view what it says. Your text should be the title, quote, or something that makes your post clear. If using a title make sure it’s clear what the article is about. Such as; “9 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Becoming A Mom.” Don’t make people guess when they see your photograph. If using a quote, choose one that will resonate, regardless if people come back to the site or not, the picture is more likely to get pinned. When adding text to your picture, make sure it’s readable. Color should allow text to be read and the text font should be readable. Photoshop, fotor, or picfont allow you to add text to your images for free.
  3. One “Pinable” Picture Per Post:
    • The more choices a person has the less a person is to choose. So if you give your readers to many picture choices they will not pick any at all in the end. One good “pinable” picture is all your readers need in a post.
  4. “Pin It” Button On The Post:
    • The more your readers have to do in order to pin your post, the less likely they are to do the work. Add the “pin it” button to each individual post. Can be done in two ways; generate code for “pin it” button using “make pin it button” tool at bottom of page, then post code into html on your page. Recommended for those with a lot of content on their page. The second less time-consuming option is to automatically add button to every post using a plugin such as Pinterest “Pin It” Button Lite.  You add photo and the rest is done for you.

Published by Sarah

Hello! I'm a self-employed entrepreneur. I enjoy affiliate marketing and photography in my spare time. I am currently in college for communications in social media and working towards my undergraduate degree in graphic design.

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