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How To Create Author Online Press Kit

What is a press kit?

Back in the day, it was a packet you mailed to journalists. Then, we faxed them. Now they are on a page on your website specifically for media people who want to interview you. This can be a PDF as well.

Why have a press kit?

  • Makes it easier to interview you
  • Makes the interview go well
  • Creates more media opportunities
  • Makes PR outreach more effective
  • Gets you in media more

Who looks for press kits?

  • Journalist (magazines and newspapers)
  • Tv producers
  • Radio show host
  • Bloggers
  • Podcasters
  • Teachers

Where to put your press kit?

  • On websites footer
  • In your main navigation, perhaps not
  • Add link in about page

What a press kit should contain?

  • High resolution images (logo, headshots, book covers, etc)
    • Can show bit of personality here as it’s going to be more than one shot
  • Extended bio (not speaking bio)
    • Give details here
  • FAQ/Suggested interview questions
  • show topics
  • press contact information and contact form
    • your phone number
    • Google voice number (
  • Social media links
    • Twitter is big for journalists
  • Awards
  • Recent press kit
  • Press mentions
  • Speaking appearances
  • Downloads
  • Books
  • Links to interview

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