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Freebies and Your Email List

Look at your most popular blog posts. You can generate freebies based on those posts. Find out what is trending or popular in your niche. What could other bloggers be doing? You can also survey your subscribers by using Google forms and link that to your email to get customer feedback.

Options For Growing Your Email List Ideas

  1. Cheat Sheet/Checklist/Worksheet:
    • Mariah Coz’s Coursse Criteria Worksheet (used alot)
    • Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income with Free product cheat sheet
    • Examples: Mom Blog: get started as mompreneur checklist, self-care sheet for WAH moms, WFH checklist. Productivity Blog: 5 ways to max time with child; minimalize your home (or biz) checklist
  2. Email Course/Video Course:
    • Click create campaign. Then automate, click welcome new or custom. If you do a video course, Quicktime or Screenflow. Host videos on YouTube or Teachable. Share video as unlisted and share in email. Only those with email can see video.
    • Examples: Make Money: 5 day free course, make your first FB ad to sell, 6 day free course, become coach and land clients. Beauty Blog: Free 4 day video course, makeup for beginners, 7 day free course, learn 7 sultry eye makeup looks
  3. Guides/Ebooks:
    • Most are 8-14 pages. Create freebies around posts. Called content upgrades
    • Examples: How to organize your office as a WFH mom, 6 Essential back to school items for your child
  4. Webinar/Workshop:
    • Most 30 mins. Can use free with YouTube Live. Creator studios. Click live streaming. Events and schedule event
    • Make sure too: set webinar to unlisted under public settings then click on quick setting
  5. Roundup:
    • Create freebie around Best of the Best, people will start to sign up
    • Examples: A parenting blog- 176 Indoor Activities To Keep Toddler Busy, 120 Kid Inspired Meals, 156 Pre-K Printables and Flashcards, Craft Blog- 78 Sewing patterns for millennial moms, 87 farmhouse nursery crafts
  6. Free Access:
    • Example Kristie of blog beautifully gave away free chapter of her blogging babe’s handbook access to FB group
    • Course module
    • Limited membership
  7. Bundles/Kit:
    • Bundle several content pieces together and create bonus kit

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Hello! I'm a self-employed entrepreneur. I enjoy affiliate marketing and photography in my spare time. I am currently in college for communications in social media and working towards my undergraduate degree in graphic design.

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