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5 Ways To Find Clients- Live+Work

Opening a business is very hard work. Any business requires sweat equity: meaning, in order to make money, you must work. If you hesitate then you will fail because you want easy way out. When you fail, don’t blame your business. Business owners have a hard time finding clients.

What Does Having More Clients Mean??

  • More $$$ (who doesn’t like that)
  • More offers through referrals (talk about later)
  • You will be that go-to-person

Find out social platforms your clients are spending time on so you know where to be active.

Write The Copy That Connects With Business Aviator

Deliver and development, become bigger in products and service because participate in needs, behaviors and concerns. Briefly make sure age, sex, and income level. What they like? If you can’t afford coaching right now and you got free route, here are some free ways to find clients. Remember, methods take place when people cultivate their relationships.

Facebook Groups – Introduce yourself to them, share who you are, and refrain them from linking

Blogging – shows expertise and requires investment. If you are ready for that, I highly suggest grabbing a copy of Suzi’s blogging book. If you can’t afford that, try guest posting.

Collaborate – Requires getting close to competition. Not everyone can do everything. This is way for you to get your dream client

Get Out and Network – be armed with business cards and go to local chamber of communication

Ask For Referrals done wfh work for before? Was it paid or unpaid? Chances are you never have. If you’re saying to yourself, that it was on bottom of every invoice/in my email autoresponder/on my business card


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