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13 Effective and Common Advertising Techniques

Every business has to advertise their product in order to inform their customers about products, increase their sales, acquire market value, gain reputation and a name in the industry. A business can have tons of money tied up in advertising. So here are some advertising techniques that are very effective.

  1. Emotional Appeal – Technique of advertising done with help of 2 factors; needs and fear. Most common appeals under needs are; need for something new, getting acceptance, not being ignored, change of old things, for security, need to be attractive, etc. Under fear are; accident, death, being avoided, getting sick, getting old, ect.
  2. Promotional Advertising – gives away samples of products for free. Items offered in trade fairs, promo events, and ad campaigns in order to gain attention of customers
  3. Bandwagon Advertising – convincing customers to join group of people who have bought this product and be a winning side
  4. Facts and Statistics – use of numbers, proofs, and real examples to show how products work
  5. Unfinished Advertising – advertisers here just play words by saying that their products work better but don’t answer more than competitor
  6. Weasel Words – don’t say they are the best from the rest, but they don’t deny either
  7. Endorsements – use celebrities to advertise. Celebrities or stars endorse products by telling their own experiences with product
  8. Complementing the Customers – advertisers use punch lines which complement consumers who buy their products
  9. Ideal Family and Ideal Kids –advertisers using this technique show that the families or kids using their product are a happy go lucky family. The ad always has a neat and well furnished home, well mannered kids and the family is a simple and sweet kind of family
  10. Patriotic Advertising – ads show how one can support their country while he uses their product or service
  11. Questioning Customers –  ask questions to the consumers to get response for their products
  12. Bribe –  technique is used to bribe the customers with some thing extra if they buy the product using lines like “buy one shirt and get one free”, or “be the member for the club for two years and get 20% off on all services.”
  13. Surrogate Advertising –  generally used by the companies which cannot advertise their products directly. The advertisers use indirect advertisements to advertise their product so that the customers know about the actual product. The biggest example of this technique is liquor ads. These ads never show anyone drinking actual liquor and in place of that they are shown drinking some mineral water, soft drink or soda.

These are the major techniques used by advertisers to advertise their products. There are some different techniques used for online advertising such as web banner advertising in which a banner is placed on web pages, content advertising using content to advertise the product online, link advertising giving links on different sites to directly visit the product website, etc.


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