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Interactive Email Design: Future of Promo Email

Why Interactivity?

The better your email engagement, the better your chances of conversions for your promotional emails. In order to stand out from the ever-expanding crowd, you must have something that gets you noticed.

Elements For Your Promotional Emails

Promotional emails have a big personality – they’ve got to create conversions or they haven’t accomplished their job.

6 Interactive Elements :

Menu Madness – great way to engage email subscribers who open emails on mobile devices. They can surf your products or service categories stacked up inside the menu. This element requires customers to click on a category so that they an engage specifically with the content they wish to learn more about.

About The Accordion – clever way to stack content into categories to improve the experience of subscribers opening your promotional email on mobile devices. An accordion helps to layer content based on user interaction. Accordions allow you to measure the clicks inside the content area of tabs to identify what sections are drawing maximum attention.

Slick n’ Slider – Slider or carousel an excellent way to condense info to reduce the length of an email. Slider grabs the attention of subscribers and keeps them engaged as they must click to experience the next slide. You can display multiple products and benefits in a limited space. Sliders can also be used to generate curiosity by revealing info bit by bit.

Flippp and Scrrrratch – Entice your subscribers with offer email, flip or scratch effect works best. This keeps customers or subscribers engaged. Use the scratch effect, when trying to send a coupon or special offer. They must scratch the code to redeem the offer.

Animation Station – click-based keyframe animation helps to increase engagement by creating experience right in the email. The subscriber must take action, like clicking on the CTA to experience the animation. The interactivity boosts engagement which in turn boosts click through rates.

Hot For Hover – hover effect transforms elements in a email when a subscriber hovers over them. The change that takes place grabs eyeballs and helps to engage customers, nudging them to take action. The effect is achieved through CSS3 coding and can be manipulated to suit your preferences. Hovers work best in CTAs as the effect is known to increase click-through rates.

Future of Email Interactivity

Common complaint among marketers is that email clients do not provide support for interactivity.


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