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Email Campaigns

Creativity is intelligence having fun 
Albert Einstein

Creating a campaign that stands out to your subscribers can be done in multiple ways such as mail campaigns, landing pages, postcards, signup forms, Google remarketing ads, and Facebook ads.


Easy to use, tons of fits, designed to grow your business. Allows you to learn about your audience so you can build your brand. Looks are everything. Studies show that email offers the highest return on your marketing dollar. Creating email campaigns in a few steps:

  • Drag and drop- email designer that makes it easy to switch and swap up content and layouts to create email that brings your brand to life
  • Manage content- organizes images, documents, and other files
  • Edit photos
  • Work as a team- comment, reply, and send test emails as you work together to send campaigns on their way out the door

Landing Pages:

Create clear call to action so it’s easy for people to join your list or buy products. Increase your list growth by offering special downloads to new subscribers. Promote exclusive offerings, announce a pre-sale, or highlight products. People who use landing pages see their subscriber list increase by 36%. If you combine a landing page with your campaign you will create a complete brand experience for your customers. You can design landing pages to promote or showcase special offers, then drive traffic to the page with social ads that target new customers or audiences.


Great way to reach your audience and be more personal while promoting offers.

Google Remarketing Ads

Can boost sales by 107% and can bring back people who leave the moment they are ready to buy.

Facebook Advertising

Using a campaign strategy is 25% more successful than interest targeting alone


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