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Live Chat- Way To Save Instead of Spending A Fortune

There are so many new groundbreaking technologies available that no company should settle for the first one that comes along. Every buyer is looking for something different but the one thing that we do have in common is the fact we want real-time answers and help when we need it.

The expectations are expected when it comes to purchasing software too. Long forms and lengthy questionnaires are officially out and real-time conversions are definitely in.

However, many companies question the volume of traffic that this could bring in and how they will handle the increased traffic. Businesses also wonder how they will filter through the traffic and give the 1:1 conversations to the right traffic which will lead to conversions needed. For so many businesses, this seems to be a very daunting task but there are ways of establishing a setup without spending a fortune and without driving your team insane.

Sales Team Success

Sales Development Reps (SDR) deal with the volume of conversions with potential leads that come through the live chats. The SDR team has to qualify these leads as quickly as possible in order to give the customers the best experience possible. This is were automation comes into play. Chatbot technology, acts as your sales rep, while constantly working in the background. This type of technology can book sales meetings and answer questions straight from your website, all while sending qualified leads to your sales team faster without increasing the burden on their time.

Selective On Where You Add Messenger

Deciding where you add your chatbot depends on your business goals. If you are focused on conversions, start with putting your chatbot technology on the highest intent pages. These pages will more than likely be your checkout or pricing pages. The second step you need to do is make sure your bot technology is set for select audiences so you know you’re talking to the right kind of prospects. You are also able to set the chat widget criteria for when it displays. Once set, only those types of businesses who qualify will be able to start a conversation with you.

Target Right Leads

How do you turn a browsing visitor into a buying customer? You can trigger an automatic message to a lead that has spend over a 10 min time span on your website. By allowing a message to pop up, letting your visitor know that your available if needed, you are letting them know that you see they are looking which then gives a better customer experience. This in turn gives your lead the opportunity to freely begin to ask questions and convert quicker.

Implementing Live Chat

Adding new technology and tools can increase productivity and boost sales for any business. However, not every employee is going to join in on the happy occasion and they may take some persuading.

The first thing that you want to do is make sure you’re choosing the right tools that will benefit your team. The functionality is the most critical when deciding on the correct tools to implement but so is user-friendliness. Always make sure that live chat will integrate with any platform that you use in your business. You do not want to purchase software that later you say you can’t use because it does not integrate with everything you need it for.

Last but not least, make sure you give the sales reps a playbook to go by. Automated playbooks work wonders and the more information you give your reps the more conversions they will make.


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