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Beginners Guide To Real-Time Sales

In sales and marketing, speed is everything. Your business depends on how quickly you can turn a lead into a paying customer. The faster you sell the faster your business will grow.

Did you know that having a lengthy contact form can affect your leads? Even if leads are interested enough to reach out, they can wait days until they hear from you. So during the days waiting, the competition is ready to swoop in and grab their attention.

People now expect a real-time experience with a company and the most effective way to do this is through live chat. You can use chat bots or 1:1 conversations to create this real-time experience for them. Your leads expect timely treatment on your website.

Every Minute Matters

Time kills deals that you could make. A customer is nine times more likely to buy if you respond within the first five minutes of their message.

Three Steps To Real-Time Sales:

  • Acquire– One of the most common concerns from marketers and salespeople when it comes to real-time selling through live-chat is: How to filter through visitors that are not going to become real-time customers? Traditional approaches got visitors to fill out lengthy forms and get sales reps to follow up days, weeks, or even months later. But there is a better way to acquire all that information on your website entirely through messaging. Live chat allows the sales reps to engage with visitors the moment that they are the most engaged on your website. With live chat, your able to qualify the lead and gather their data at the same time. No forms, no call backs, just qualified sales conversations in real-time. However, there will be times that you are unable to answer the moment that a visitor messages. So, there are options available for you so you can still get their information and follow up. The key to real-time sales is being proactive. The conversations on your website should not be a one-way traffic. Proactively reach out to your visitors through auto-messaging based on who they are and what they do on your website. So, if a visitor visits your pricing page several times, your auto-messaging system should send out a message asking if they want more information on the features with a real-time customer service agent so you can offer free demos or free software trials. You can also gain traffic through third party sources such as partner referrals. Once you have gotten your visitors information you can now make sure they are a good fit for your business.
  • Qualify– Knowing proper leads is the difference between landing lots of deals or wasting time and money going after the wrong people. There are multiple ways of making sure leads are qualifying through live chat and they can be equally as effective if they are done the right way.
  1. Use a bot to ask questions on your behalf. Create seperate qualifications paths for different leads.
  2. Manually qualify leads on your website as they engage via live chat
  3. Or use both

Regardless of platform you choose for qualification, prioritize so you know who to devote your 1:1 time too. In order to prioritize, you must know who your ideal customer is. Questions to guide you:

  • What is their goal for using your product?
  • What is their level or title?
  • What industry do they work in?
  • How many are employed by their company?
  • Where is the business located?
  • At what scale do they want to use your product?
  • When do they want to implement your product?

When you have a sense of who your ideal customer is, then your team can select the qualification data to filter through leads. This is also an additional guide to effectively match up the customer with the right sales team.

At minimum, you should collect the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Company Name
  • Company Industry
  • Company Size
  • Company Website

At times this information can be hard to gain. Here are a few tips while in conversation with leads in real-time, whether it’s through live chat, lead form, or email:

  • If in doubt then leave it out
  • Be personal
  • Give context
  • Know when to stop
  • Aim for fast response time

Once acquiring visitors and qualifying them- manually or automatically- it’s time to convert them into your customer. Depending on the company’s size, this might be continued by a sales person or an account executive, in order to gain the sell.

  • Convert– speed is everything when converting leads so you must immediately book an appointment with your perspective clients whether it be via email, phone conference, or webinar. Google calendar allows visitors to book appointments without the hassle of getting put on hold by a secretary in order for her to find the calendar and book the appointment. You are also able to move from chat to video instantly.

Move leads through your funnels with demos, content, and video calls.

In 2019, you should be exactly where your prospects are and be willing to take away any friction that occurs or could possible slow you down. Live chat should allow your prospects to buy things the way they want to buy them. Your sales team should be spending more time showing off your demos then playing phone tag with your prospects. If you use Mailchimp, you can invite website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter straight from the messenger app.

Convert Trials With Payments In Messenger

Keep in mind that not every business has the option to be able to give a free trial offer. When converting trial offer conversions use the Stripe app, which takes 30 seconds to complete. This allows the sales team to convert right from the messenger app once again.


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