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Secret Lift Formula

Instant Face and Neck Lift will take years off your appearance in just a few minutes. Not only will you look younger, but you will also feel great. This face and neck lift system will lift sagging skin, eliminate wrinkles from your face, neck jaw, and eye area. No one will know your secret! Instant Face and Neck Lift is the solution. Each kit comes with: Face and Neck Lifting Bands and 40 Hypoallergenic Tapes.


This listing is for the dark hair version of our lift. Please see our light hair version if you have light colored hair. Dark for Black, Brown, Auburn, and Red Hair. Click on link to find the product:


Limited Time Deals!!!

Interested in surround sound? Wireless technology? Bluetooth capabilities? Well here is your time, while supplies last, to grab your Samsung HW-T450 200W Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer.

To show visitors what the Samsung Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer looks like before they click on the link to purchase.
Samsung HW-T450 200W 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer


Compatible Model – Universal
Surround Sound Formats – 2.0 Channel
Color – Black
Features – Bluetooth
Compatible Brand – Universal
Audio Inputs – Digital Optical TOSLINK, HDMI
Type – Soundbar
Material – Plastic
Connectivity – Wired, Bluetooth
Playable Media Format – AAC, WAV, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WMA, AIFF
System Configuration – 2.1 Channel
Year Manufactured – 2020
RMS Power – 200 W
Manufacturer Color – Black

Pieces of Social Media To Never Ignore

Wordpress Media

Are you getting ready to launch your business or product in the near future? If you are a marketing professional, you may have already prepared messaging for social media posts and scheduled emails. However, have you prepared for the visual media that will be relevant to your marketing plan? There are valuable places that you should be taking advantage of. When it comes to you making your social marketing the best it can be, here are some overlooked pieces of prime real estate that you should pay attention too.

  1. Cover Photos – Most organizations rarely tend to update cover photos. If your audience is engaging with you then your cover photo should be the place where you highlight your current event, new product, special deal, or webinar. This applies to all social media platforms and any other channel that you have presence on.
  1. Pinned Posts – This outlet is highly overlooked and it should be considered very important when it comes to your social media profiles. Both Facebook and Twitter allow you to “pin” a post to the top of your social media profile. This guarantees that these particular posts will be seen first by your audience. Brand labels and entrepreneurs can choose what they want pinned by clicking on the three dots to the right of the garbage icon and selecting “pin to your profile page”. Note : Only for a week at a time can this pin be chosen SO choose wisely!!
  1. Twitter Header – Twitter has recently increased the size of your profile’s header image. The header image now has expanded across your profile’s entire page. The optimal size for the new header is 1500 x 500 and the maximum file size is 5MB.
  1. Backgrounds and Headers – There are two platforms that allow you to customize your profile’s backgrounds and headers. They are Slideshare and YouTube. These are two more ways that allow you to get your message across at no cost to you.

Due to social media changing constantly, you definitely want to keep your eye out on the next piece of media real estate. You must take advantage of the newest real estate possible.

The Top Facebook Groups You Should Join To Explode Your Website Traffic

Are you frustrated with gaining website traffic? Do you create great content that readers are looking for but yet they are not reading and you’re looking for reasons why? Have you ever just wondered where the traffic all comes from on some of your favorite websites?

Well I’m here to tell you, it’s not as simple as it looks but you can make it simple by allowing yourself to use social media to generate that traffic you ARE looking for. Some of the best places in the social media world to generate traffic are through Facebook Groups for bloggers. Did you know that some Facebook groups cater to bloggers? These groups allow you to promote your content for FREE.

Yes! You heard that correctly. You can use Facebook groups to promote your content for free.

Facebook blogging groups are geared towards helping grow traffic, build your business, and become the best entrepreneur that you can be. These types of groups give you opportunities to connect with like-minded people. Some groups allow promo days for sharing your latest post, share social media accounts, and share products as well. So below are a list of Facebook groups that you should consider as a resource to grow the traffic that you want while learning more about blogging as well.

Facebook Groups Guarenteed To Increase Wesite Traffic

Get Your Group Together FB Group

“Get Your Blog Together”

This group is currently run by Trinity Owen of The Pay At Home Parent. This Facebook group focuses on teaching members how to use SEO. Mrs. Owen has a full time career working from home as a freelance SEO and writer. Trinity Owen has written an eBook on how to do research called “Get Your Keywords Together”. This book has amazing detail on strategies for not only blogs, but websites as well, that she uses in order to find keywords that even a new blog or website can rank on page one for keyword strategy.

If interested in reading on how to get free traffic to your site that will convert, click here to check out Get Your Keywords Together

Blogging like we mean it

“Blogging Like We Mean It”

Carly Campbell of Mommy On Purpose is the Facebook group owner. She is an expert blogger and successful expert when it comes to growing blog traffic when it comes to Pinterest. Generally, Carly will host live events online to discuss what is working on Pinterest and what is not currently working. Carly’s Facebook group currently has about 7k followers with most of them being successful bloggers waiting to answer your questions. This group offers its members information on everything they need to run a successful blogging site that will be profitable.

No promotional days to promote your own blog or website

blogging with purpose facebook group

“Blogging With Purpose”

Blogging With Purpose is run by Kelan and Brittany of The Savvy Couple. They created this group to help new bloggers create a full-time income from home. After joining this group, you will receive support from group members and learn blogging strategies that will enable you to build your money-making blogs. You will want to join if you are looking for blogging inspiration. This group does offer promotional days. They are as follows:

  1. Monday Madness – share latest blog post, podcast, opt-in, landing page, etc.
  2. Wednesday Social – share your social media account that you want to grow
  3. Friday Feedback – share blog post, email template, or social media account that you want feedback on
Pinterest Ninjas Facebook Group

“Pinterest Ninjas”

This Facebook group is run by Megan Johnson of Megan created this group to help Pinterest Ninja students in boosting their Pinterest profiles and increasing social media profiles. There are days set aside for just re-pinning other people’s pins and the promo day Tuesday so you can request others to like and follow your pages.

However, you must be a student of the Pinterest Ninja Ecourse before getting access

the blog boss tribe fb group

“The Blog Boss Tribe”

This blogging group has been created by Kristen Rossetti. It focuses on building relationships and allows bloggers to support other bloggers. If you are looking for a place to connect, share and grow your blog, then this is another great place to be. Here are the promotional days that happen in this blog site weekly:

  • Blog Goals Monday – share blog goals for the week
  • Blog Post Wednesday – share post you want more engagement on
  • Ask Your Questions – a day to ask any question you have about blogging
  • Ask For Feedback – a day to ask any fellow members for feedback on a project you are working on
  • Share Your Wins – share what you achieved last week
  • Time Out – share what you do to relax when you are not working
women winning online facebook group

“Women Winning Online”

This group was created and hosted by Jen Snyder. Women Winning Online is about encouragement, education, support, and connections. Jen’s group offers promotional days such as:

  • Motivation Monday – share 1-3 goals for the week
  • Tuesday Tips – educational ideas to grow your blog and business (admin led series)
  • Winning Wednesday – share your win for the week. No win is to big or too small
  • Thoughtful Thursday – share a struggle that you need help with or share a blog post that helped you this week
  • Fun Friday – share your blog post, service, or product in the thread
  • Silly Saturday – share something fun about yourself or something interesting in your life
connect & cultivate facebook group

“Connect & Cultivate”

Created by Kyla Butler of Ivory Mix. This Facebook group is a supportive group for your blog and business. Ivory Mix is a successful blog for Kyla to help and support her fellow mom bloggers. Here are her promotional days below:

  • Monday – Share your Instagram
  • Tuesday – Share a click to tweet
  • Wednesday – Blogging 101 (Q & A)
  • Thursday – Promote your best stuff
  • Friday – Share a Blog post
  • Saturday – Share a Pin
  • Sunday – Collaborate

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